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Have you always wanted to have a comprehensive list of verbs with stem vowel changes?

Some of my students asked me to post a more comprehensive list of verbs which conjugate like PREFERIR, i.e., verbs with vowel change in the first person singular in the Present Tense. The stem vowel e changes to i.

Are you a Learner of Portuguese, a Teacher of Portuguese, a Native Speaker, a Lusophile? Please add more verbs like PREFERIR to this list.

You might say: "Desculpe, mas eu PREFIRO ir tomar um cafezinho e deixar os verbos para outra altura!" Well, I don't blame you!

Here is your list of verbs that conjugate like PREFERIR:

· vestir/vestir-se to put on/to get dressed – eu visto/visto-me

· despir/despir-se to undress; to take one's clothes off – eu dispo/dispo-me

· mentir to lie, to tell lies – eu minto

· repetir to repeat – eu repito

· seguir to follow – eu sigo. And the derivatives: conseguir (to manage, to succeed – eu consigo), perseguir (to chase – eu persigo), prosseguir (to continue, to pursue – eu prossigo)

· servir to serve – eu sirvo

· sentir/sentir-se to feel – eu sinto/sinto-me

· ferir/ferir-se to wound, to hurt/to get hurt – eu firo/firo-me

· sugerir to suggest – eu sugiro

· referir to refer, to mention – eu refiro

· inserir to insert – eu insiro

· divertir/divertir-se to amuse; to entertain/to enjoy oneself – eu divirto/ divirto-me

· refletir to think over, to reflect – eu reflito

· aderir to stick, to cling; to join, to become a member – eu adiro

· conferir to check, to verify; to confer, to grant – eu confiro

If you found this useful please like and share. Do you know of other verbs that follow the same pattern? Please add them here!

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