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As a Teacher:
Please visit my BLOG and find out more about teaching and learning Portuguese.
As a Translator:
My most recent translations include:
Legal texts, such as:
  • diplomas and certificates for the oil industry;
  • contracts and regulations;
  • tender documents in the field of telecommunications;
  • documents and letters within the prison service – National Offenders Management Service (NOMS), among others;
  • translations for the European Court;
  • translations for the Portuguese Social Security and the National Pensions Centre;
  • translations for the National Health Service (NHS) in England.
Technical translations, such as:
  • instruction manuals for various appliances and equipment;
  • machinery components; 
  • computing and digital signage;
  • construction and piping;
  • fabrics and sewing accessories.
  • translation of blogs, emails and newsletters directed to customers;
  • texts with descriptions of items for sale online;
  • localisation work for more effective marketing of various products.
Literary translation:
  • Greek poems translated into Portuguese; 
  • translation of German short stories for children into Portuguese.
Proof-reading in various areas, from which most frequently are legal texts and technical translations.
Transcriptions in the areas of:
  • market surveys
  • telephone conversations
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