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I have been learning Portuguese with Cristina for most two years now.


I was a complete beginner and wouldn’t describe myself as a linguist. I took French GCSE more than 30 years ago and have barely spoken it since!


Cristina‘s approach is extremely professional - each lesson has a clear structure and she has taught me the language in a way that gives me a firm grounding in grammar and sentence structure but she has also tailored the lessons to fit with my overall aim of being able to make conversation when I visit our place in Madeira. 


Cristina’s own language skills are amazing – she is a native Portuguese speaker but her English is impeccable and she has a deep understanding of grammar.  You can tell she is a very experienced teacher as she is so good at explaining things. She also brings real fun to the lessons – it is one of the most enjoyable hours of my week!


We began lessons during the lockdown and so had them online but we have continued with this approach rather than face to face despite the fact that we live in the same town. It is the perfect medium for a lesson as I am very focused and she is able to type on the screen as we go. It also means we are able to have lessons from anywhere in the world which means that lessons can continue even if one or both of us is away. 


I would have no hesitation in recommending Cristina as a Portuguese teacher. 

Lucy Hinchliffe, Harpenden, UK

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