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Are you sitting the Portuguese CIPLE A2 exam?

Here are 45 –IR VERBS you should know.

abrir to open

admitir to admit, to acknowledge

assistir [a] to watch, to attend

cair to fall, to drop

cobrir to cover

conduzir to drive

conseguir to get, to manage, to be able to, to achieve

construir to build

decidir to decide

definir to define

descobrir to discover, to find out; to uncover

destruir to destroy

diminuir to decrease

discutir (falar) to discuss; (brigar) to argue

distrair (perder a atenção) to distract; (divertir) to amuse, to entertain

dividir to divide

dormir to sleep

existir to exist

fugir [de] to flee, to run away

imprimir to print

incluir to include

ir to go

medir to measure

ouvir to hear

partir to leave, to depart; to break, to crack

pedir to ask for, to request

pedir emprestado to borrow

preferir to prefer

produzir to produce; to manufacture

reagir to react

reduzir to reduce

referir to refer

repetir to repeat

reunir to gather, to bring together, to reunite

rir [rir-se] to laugh

sair to go out; to leave

seguir to follow

sentir to feel

servir [para] to be used for

sorrir to smile

subir to climb; to go up

substituir to substitute

surgir (aparecer) to appear, to show up

vir to come

vir buscar to come to pick up, to come for

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06 de dez. de 2023

Very helpful! Quick and concise so easy to digest

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